Filmmaker, comedian, musician, acting teacher/coach. Andy is currently producing a documentary about BRCA-1, the breast-cancer gene, as well as a feature romantic comedy, "Too Much of a Good Thing," re-uniting him with writer-director Christina Morales Hemenway of "Dreammaker" fame. Between auditions, he is teaching improv workshops and directing children's shows, including "High School Musical" and "High School Musical 2," throughout California, and is currently in Washington state as a Media Guest at the Tri-Cities ComicCon and International FilmFest -- where "The Dead Detective" is showing. He is also a professional puppeteer, having performed in multiple television pilots, pre-school dvd's, and live interactive multimedia puppet shows, as well as entertaining at children's birthday parties, when he can.

A lyric baritone, Andy sings in the 5-voice a cappella vocal jazz group "In Transit," available for concert bookings and private parties.

Pick up a copy of his first solo comedy/music album, "non sequitur" -- "His comedy stems from observing the absurd in the world around us. His blend of song and humor is a treat for anyone who enjoys music and laughter." -- B. Dennis

"You know, that song is *so* un-P.C.!!" -- Andy's Mom
Dreammaker DVD
This ensemble dramedy follows Esmerelda, "Psychic to the Stars," as she manipulates her crazy Hollywood clients through her readings, ultimately showing a unique angle on the pressures of the contemporary Hollywood scene.

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The Dead Detective DVD
In this film noir spoof, SOB Los Angeles detective Martin Stiff has fallen into the hardest murder mystery case of his career, his own. Who can it be: his drunken secretary? His scoundrel partner? His cheating wife? Nothing he can do about it, 'cause he's dead.
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Non Sequitur CD
(non sek'wi-t r) --noun
1. An inference or a conclusion that does not follow from the premises.
2. A statement containing an illogical conclusion.
Latin: it does not follow.
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